Hi, I'm Anthony! 

Fullstack software engineer, proficient in React and NodeJS, with many years of experience building scalable enterprise applications. 

As a full stack software engineer, I've had the opportunity to spend over three years contributing to a variety of websites and mobile applications. Whether working independently or collaborating with a team of skilled developers, my aim has always been to create modern and robust software.

My journey has primarily involved working on front-end codebases with a focus on ReactJS. However, I'm no stranger to adapting to new JS frameworks and tools as needed, demonstrating my capacity for flexibility and continuous learning.

Beyond my front-end experience, I've also engaged with backend languages and frameworks like NodeJS. Additionally, I've become familiar with both SQL and noSQL databases, further expanding my skill set. My objective is to continue applying and broadening these skills to create impactful solutions in the software industry.

My Work.

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Supa Messenger

Supa Messenger is a fullstack chat application. Users can create an account, create a chat room, start a conversation under any chat room and send messages to other users in real time. Among many other features.

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Basketball Center

Basketball Center is a mobile app built to help basketball fans to stay up to date with everything in the league. Features an in-game chat, personalized notifications for favorite teams and players, real time shot-chart that can be targeted to specific players with play-by-play info alongside it.

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WeEatCode is a fullstack blog web application. Users can create an account, create a blog post, start a conversation under any post and downvote and upvote any post or comment. Among many other features.

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ProTypist is a fully featured typing game, with a multiplayer mode and lots of other features

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AlgoSaurus is a complex algorithms visualization tool to help people learn the basics about the most famous sorting algorithms. This project placed top 3 at ShellHacks, one of the largest hackathons at Florida.